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When you become a Certified Pipe Lining Contractor with Internal Pipe Technologies, you become more than a Certified Contractor… you become an IPT Partner with access to the best Pipe Lining Equipment and Material in the industry! At IPT, we help your business grow by offering a partnership that includes a full suite of products, sales, and marketing support. IPT is a leading CIPP Lining Equipment Manufacturing company with years of experience in the trenchless industry.

Our focus is on helping partners in the under-slab pipe lining market. Whether you are in drain renewal or thinking about it, IPT offers flexible solutions for your business needs. IPT management is successfully leading the small-diameter CIPP Lining industry with quality products and highly-trained IPT Partners. Our management team has completed 1000s of CIPP lining installations including some of the largest small-diameter pipe lining contracts in the trenchless technology market space.

IPT Sets You Up For Success With

Leading Trenchless CIPP Pipe Lining Equipment

Quality Material

Quality Material

IPT manufactures CIPP pipe lining equipment, material and epoxy resins in Texas that are quality-tested to meet specific codes and standards.

On-Site Training

On-Site Training

IPT provides you with on-site job training at your location. Yes, this can even be on a sold job. Talk about return on investment!

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

IPT Partners receive ongoing technical support, marketing materials, sales opportunities and more!

Versatile Pull-in-Place Pipe Lining Systems

CIPP Lining Sizes

1.5″ – 12″ in Diameter Pipe
Custom Sizes Available

Pipe Systems

Sanitary Sewer Pipes
Drainage Pipes
Roof Drain Systems
Vertical Sanitary Systems
Storm Drain Systems

Pipe Lining Restores

Cast Iron, Metal and Steel
Clay and Concrete
Plastic and Fiberglass

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Pipe Lining Process

Angioplasty For Your Home

Internal Pipe Technologies’ pipe lining process can improve the flow through pipes on an average of 108%! Our goal is to restore pipes to original diameter. With our high-speed flex shaft cleaning process, followed by installing a liner (stint), we keep your house healthy and free of any future house heart attacks. Over time, technology has advanced and improved, and pipeline materials have changed, offering improved function and durability. If you suspect your pipes are made of cast iron or are experiencing any piping issues, let Internal Pipe Technologies help!

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