How to become a partner

Become a Certified Pipe Lining Installer

Step 1

Contact IPT through phone or Email.

Step 2

Learn the advantages of becoming a Certified Pipe Lining Installer.

Step 3

Visit IPT’s Manufacturing Plant in Texas (optional).

Step 4

Order your Start-Up Equipment.

Step 5

IPT Trainer will come to your location for on-site training on your projects.

Why Partner With IPT?

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Join the Pipe Lining Industry by Partnering with Internal Pipe Technologies

IPT management is successfully leading the small-diameter pipe rehabilitation industry. IPT is focused on under slab pipe lining and is solely committed to helping partners in this market.

Our management team has completed some of the largest small-diameter pipe lining contracts in the trenchless technology market space and has completed 1000s of installations under their management and is one of the industry’s most experienced teams.

Backed by technology and support, IPT is taking the pipe lining industry to the next level.

Are you ready to join IPT?