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Do you offer financing for CIPP Lining Startups?

If you’re looking to financing CIPP Lining Startups for your plumbing or trenchless company, you’ve come to the right spot! We work with a knowledgable financing company who can help you get approved with low monthly payments!

Do you offer CIPP Lining Training?

Our CIPP Lining Startups include on-site training to certify your technicians in using IPT products and equipment. This is typically done on-site at your location during a project or at our dedicated testing and training facilities in Abilene, Texas or San Diego, California.

How long has IPT Been in the Industry?

Internal Pipe Technologies has 60+ years of combined industry experience. Our management has had multiple patents issued and has developed some of the most ground breaking and industry changing technologies in the small diameter lining markets. Look up Cameron Manners our CEO online for his long history and expertise. 

Where do you manufacture your liner and resin?

Internal Pipe Technologies material and equipment are all American made and manufactured in our Texas facility. IPT manufactures all resins and liners and prides ourselves in all aspects of our technologies to maintain our quality control as well as our industry-leading support.


Partner with IPT

IPT management is successfully leading the small-diameter pipe rehabilitation industry. IPT is focused on under slab pipe lining and is solely committed to helping partners in this market. Our management team has completed some of the largest small-diameter pipe lining contracts in the trenchless technology market space and has completed 1000s of installations under their management and is one of the industry’s most experienced teams.

Backed by technology and support, IPT is taking the pipe lining industry to the next level. IPT trains and certifies technicians in using IPT products and equipment on-site at a project or at our dedicated testing and training facilities in Abilene, Texas and San Diego, California.

Training multiple technicians in a session, IPT’s technical experts provide an in-depth understanding of the products, its applications, and numerous test applications for each of the trainees to perform. Beyond the training, IPT continues to offer support, advice, and technical know-how to assist qualified technicians to maximize the results and impact from using our products.

IPT Management is from the industry and has been involved with tens of millions of dollars of applications. They understand all aspects of the industry and what it takes to sell and grow a business. They have the knowledge to train and help support the sales side of the business and also offer sales training. IPT Management has an in-depth understanding on what it takes to help Partners grow their businesses.

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