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About Internal Pipe Technologies

IPT Management is made up of some of the founders of the small diameter pipe rehabilitation industry. For over two decades, IPT Management has been involved with pushing technology and innovation while creating new technologies for small diameter applicators world-wide.

Our approach to the market is very diversified; we believe in giving our users more options when it comes to driving business revenues and profits.

At IPT, our business model of a full support approach makes us partners with our customers. We understand it takes so much more than liner to be successful. This is why we have business partners. Our support ranges from marketing to business mentoring. Our management has more experience than anyone else about the small-diameter pipelining market and technologies. We put that on the table EVERYDAY! Your success becomes our success, and we know how to help. Our team understands the personal investment it takes from owners to technicians. At IPT, you are MORE than just a “certified” contractor or user, or even a licensee. Why go at it alone? Become an IPT partner and let’s build your lining business and our business together!

IPT prides itself on its management and experience that management can bring to its user. Our management is made up of some of the most successful people in the small-diameter rehabilitation industry. Our unique approach to learning and a constant drive to continually lead the industry with the introduction of truly innovative products and technology have spanned decades in the industry.

Like our approach to the readily accessible training materials, our advisory board is made up of individuals that have spent years in the industry and have driven change and innovation in the rehabilitation markets. Our approach is to take this knowledge and put it to work for the betterment of the industry and create an industry think tank that will “Take Our Industry to the Next Level”.

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Why Partner with IPT?

60+ Years Pipe Lining Experience: IPT management has 60+ years of experience specifically in the small diameter markets. Our management has had multiple patents issued and has developed some of the most ground breaking and industry changing technologies in the small diameter lining markets. Management has been leading and changing these markets for decades and plans to continue to lead and change the markets for years to come with new technologies and a new way to install small diameter lining technologies.

1000+ Pipe Lining Projects Completed: Internal Pipe Technologies’ management has been directly or indirectly responsible for 1000s of installations worldwide. The patented technologies invented by our founders have changed the way plumbers approach pipe repair and have been responsible for changing the way infrastructure owners approach repair. These patents have been responsible for 10s of 1000s of repairs over the last 20 years and are being used on 6 continents even today. Our management is simply the most experienced in the industry.

100+ Certified Installers: IPT’s management came up with the concept of certified installers and our onsite training and business model of licensing trenchless technology is still in use today. Our management has been involved with 100s of trainings based on patents and inventions. IPT has continued that model and has a growing number of its own installers that expand weekly.

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