Cast Iron Corrosion and CIPP Lining

Cast iron pipes can corrode due to various factors, including the composition of the pipe material and the conditions in which they are installed. Here are some common causes of cast iron pipe corrosion:

  1. Chemical Reactions: Cast iron pipes can corrode when they come into contact with certain chemicals present in soil, water, or wastewater. For example, acidic or alkaline substances can react with the iron, leading to corrosion.
  2. Oxygen Exposure: Oxygen in the presence of moisture can cause cast iron pipes to corrode. This process, known as oxidation, results in the formation of rust on the inner and outer surfaces of the pipes.
  3. Water Quality: The quality of the water flowing through cast iron pipes can contribute to corrosion. Factors such as pH levels, hardness, and the presence of contaminants can accelerate the corrosion process.
  4. Soil Conditions: The type of soil surrounding the cast iron pipes can also impact corrosion. Soils with high moisture content, high acidity, or high chloride concentrations can increase the rate of corrosion.
  5. Electrochemical Reactions: Cast iron pipes can experience electrochemical corrosion when they are in contact with dissimilar metals or alloys. This creates a galvanic cell, where the cast iron acts as the anode, accelerating the corrosion process.
  6. Pipe Age: Over time, cast iron pipes naturally deteriorate and become more susceptible to corrosion. The protective coatings on the pipes may degrade, exposing the iron to corrosive elements. 

Cast Iron Corrosion Solution CIPP Lining

To mitigate cast iron pipe corrosion, several approaches can be taken:

  • Regular inspection and maintenance of the pipes to identify signs of corrosion or deterioration.
  • Installing Cured-in-Place Pipe Lining inside of the pipe system to create a barrier between the iron and corrosive substances.

Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) lining is a popular method used by plumbing and trenchless companies for rehabilitating and repairing pipelines. CIPP lining involves installing a new pipe liner inside the existing damaged or deteriorated pipeline, without the need for extensive excavation.

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