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Cameron Manners is the president of Internal Pipe Technologies, with 25 years of experience in the water and wastewater industry. As an entrepreneur, he recognized the need for small-diameter pipe rehabilitation in 2000 and founded his first company that manufactured and distributed cutting-edge small diameter CIPP products. He has developed and patented many inventions in various technology platforms, and many are in his name. Fast-forward two decades, and Manners has since opened Internal Pipe Technologies.

Q: Tell us about Internal Pipe Technologies. What’s your focus?

A: Our focus as a company is to supply our partners with the best technology available for under-slab, small-diameter pipe lining. We manufacture our own resin blends and liners, as well as all of our equipment, in Abilene, Texas. We are proud to say our technology is American made.


Q: How did you get involved in the pipe lining industry?

A: Many years ago, I worked in the trades and made a change into the larger-diameter pipe maintenance industry. From there, I started to develop technologies focused around small-diameter, cured-in-place pipe lining (CIPP). I built my first manufacturing plant around 2000 and have been supplying materials and technologies ever since.


Q: What sets Internal Pipe Technologies apart from the competition?

A: We are not investment banker-owned, which allows us to be more centered around supporting our partners’ daily operations. We are also very nimble and can manufacture custom-size pipe lining material for specific jobs. Our partners get the real-deal guys that know the industry better than anyone, with their best interests at heart.


Q: What does pipe lining mean in terms of sustainability?

A: Pipe lining plays a very important role. As infrastructure ages, it’s imperative to have technology that can repair buried or hidden infrastructure without restoration. It can be  time saving, cost saving, and can avoid unnecessary environmental impacts caused by restoration.


Q: How important is it to manufacture in the USA?

A: Manufacturing pipe lining equipment in the USA has become more important today than ever. There are so many suppliers coming and going, some from Europe and some from China. We can assure our partners that we supply the highest-quality products and that our growth goes back into our local economy to drive job growth. Why would anyone pay up to 60% more for a product from overseas and wait 10 times longer for it? Response time for our partners is very important — we have no supply chain issues because we manufacture in the USA.


Q: How does your CIPP lining process differ from others on the market?

A: Internal Pipe Technologies uses a pull-in-place process, which allows us to focus on under-slab construction. We are the best at what we do.


Q: Do you have a message for anyone considering becoming a CIPP lining installer?

A: When you become an IPT Partner, you get a several things automatically, but everyone should think about the following before buying:

  • Make sure your liners are in the code, not code compliant. It is important for our industry to maintain quality. Many suppliers are dumping products and technology into the U.S. market that are not in the code.
  • Know who you are doing business with. Is it just a sales rep or a strong partner with knowledge and a long history in the industry?
  • Small-diameter CIPP was invented in North America, not Europe, so stick with the innovators who understand our infrastructure and the technology to restore it.


Q: Do you have any special plans for the show?

A: We are launching some new of our new equipment like our portable mobile wet-out tables, along with our new weigh pour stations. Our goal is to help our partners grow and continue to offer equipment that will make their job easier and more profitable.


Q: How can our readers learn more about your company/product?

A: Just give us a call! We are as honest as they come and we will tell you if the application you are looking at suits our technology. If not, we will tell you where to get what you need. The team behind IPT are masters of the trade. Beware of others who are trying to be the ‘jack-of-all-trades.’ They will just spend your money so they can meet a quarterly budget.

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