IPT Welcomes Justin Manners as VP of Sales

October 3, 2022 — Abilene, Texas

Internal Pipe Technologies is pleased to welcome Justin Manners as VP of Sales.


When it comes to small diameter drain lining and cleaning, Justin has an impressive 25 years experience. In the late 1990s, Justin started working with a small family-owned pipe lining manufacturing company working out of a garage in Canada and helped grow it to a worldwide installation and manufacturing company.


He says he is looking forward to doing it again, but this time he is with Internal Pipe Technologies who manufactures and distributes out of their plant in Texas, USA.


With over 10 years manufacturing lines, epoxies and CIPP equipment, Justin spent a lot of time in his early days assisting with building plants around the world.

New VP of Sales - Justin Manners

Internal Pipe Technologies New VP of Sales: Justin Manners

“I had the pleasure of touring the IPT plant in September and I was highly impressed with the level of expertise and care the team was putting in,” Justin Manners said. “Having experiencing managing cured-in-place pipe lining manufacturing before, I can see that IPT is setup for success.”


Most recently, Justin spent years working in the field for a leading sewer technology company, where he performed mainline inspections, cleaning, robotic cutting, mainlining lining, UV, Inversion, grouting and hydro vac excavation.


Justin is looking forward to using his on-site field experience along with his decade of experience managing a large network of small-diameter trenchless pipe lining installers across the globe, to help IPT support their partner’s in scaling their business using pipe lining.


“I’m excited to get back in the small-diameter CIPP lining game, and help plumbers and contractors out there grow their business. This is a very exciting time,” he said.

If you’re looking to grow your business with Internal Pipe Technologies CIPP Lining, contact us at www.internalpipetech.com

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