IPT Welcomes Anthony Sablan as VP of Install and Training

May 4, 2022 — Abilene, Texas

IPT is very excited to announce that Anthony Sablan has joined our team as VP of Install and Training.

Anthony will oversee our training and support division, as well as our pipe lining installation division to assist key partners on projects.

“Anthony is simply the best of the best! There is no one better to join us and I am excited to be working with Anthony again,” said Cameron Manners, President, Internal Pipe Technologies.

We built a solid team before and we have already started building again in the fastest growing small diameter company around.

For more information on becoming an IPT Partner reach out to our team anytime.

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VP of Install and Training

About Internal Pipe Technologies

At IPT, our business model of a full support approach makes us partners with our customers. We understand it takes so much more than liner to be successful. This is why we have business partners. Our support ranges from marketing to business mentoring. Our management has more experience than anyone else about the small-diameter pipelining market and technologies. Your success becomes our success, and we know how to help. Our team understands the personal investment it takes from owners to technicians. At IPT, you are more than just a “certified” contractor or user, or even a licensee.

Why go at it alone? Become an IPT partner and let’s build your lining business and our business together!

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Anthony Sablan
Anthony Sablan VP of Install and Training