Internal Pipe Technologies had another successful on-site training with a contractor where nearly 50’ of 2″  IPT CIPP Lining was installed and pulled in under 3 hours of labor on-site. The project took place in a living room and hallway underneath hardwood and tile flooring.

This begs us to ask the question, “Why would anyone coat a 2” cast iron pipe when they can give their customer a superior CIPP product in less time?”

Pipe corrosion continues after pipe lining takes place with any product. By installing a CIPP Liner, your customers can feel safe about the pipe’s structural integrity even after 100% pipe degradation. An added benefit of up to 104% flow capacity  increases after lining(15-year-old cast iron) based on ASTM 1216 specifications.

At Internal Pipe Technologies, we design and manufacture our pipe lining material to line around elbows as sharp as street 90’s even in 2” pipe.

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