Internal Pipe Technologies is excited to celebrate World Trenchless Day today, September 24, 2020!

What is Trenchless Technology? Trenchless Technology refers to the no digging or invasive construction during the pipe rehabilitation processes.

Why do we celebrate World Trenchless Day? Trenchless methods have a huge impact on communities, the economy, and quality of life. These methods are proven and trusted by leading worldwide companies, and the industry will only continue to grow as municipalities and utilities understand the trenchless technology benefits vs. traditional methods.

The IPT team provides leading trenchless technology solutions to failing infrastructure both inside and outside properties and plays a large role in addressing these needs.

As a trenchless technology company and product supplier, IPT management has more than 55 years of experience in the plumbing and cured-in-place pipe lining industry and understands the importance of industry and code requirements for trenchless lining products. 

​Join us this World Trenchless Day and learn more about the benefits of trenchless technology and what it can do for your business or infrastructure!

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