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Abilene, Texas, June 23, 2021 ¬– Internal Pipe Technologies (IPT), a leading pipe lining manufacturing company, announced today the appointment of Dennis Persaud as Vice-President of Operations. Dennis will be overseeing the manufacturing operations at the IPT plant in Texas.

Persaud is highly experienced in lean the manufacturing methodology that focuses on minimizing waste within the manufacturing processes while simultaneously maximizing productivity, which is a focus of Internal Pipe Technologies’ sustainability mission.

With 13 years of extensive experience in the cured-in-place pipe lining industry, his last position was Director of Manufacturing, Quality and Compliance. During the previous tenor he successfully led that manufacturing plant in achieving the globally recognized ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) Certificate.

“With the addition of Dennis to the management team, IPT is now clearly the choice for the highest quality pull-in-place products for contractors that use only the best of the best. The combination of quality assurances driven by IPT’s R&D make it the leader in our space,” said Cameron Manners.

Persaud has broad manufacturing experience in various areas, including liners, resins, tools, and equipment. He has a flare for ideas and design concepts.

With over a decade of experience of doing compliance both locally and internationally, he was successful in securing approvals from universally recognized agencies within North America and internationally.

Internal Pipe Technologies’ will continue to produce code compliant, quality products to their pipe lining partners, as they continue to implement quality controls processes to ensure products meet the required standards.

About Internal Pipe Technologies:
Internal Pipe Technologies (IPT) believes in a full support approach business model ranging from marketing to business mentoring to become partners with our customers. Our management has more experience that anyone else about the small-diameter pipe lining market and technologies. Become an IPT partner and let’s build your lining business and our business together. Visit for a free quote.

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